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Globe Big Blazer 32″ Cruiser Real Fun Wow



Medium length diamond tail cruiser with built-in bottle opener and soft conical wheels.

The Big Blazer in Real Fun Wow features a mellow concave deck constructed from Resin 7 hard rock maple, 6.0” Tensor alloy trucks with grade-8 kingpins and high-rebound urethane bushings. Globe’s 62mm 83a high-rebound urethane conical cruiser wheels are sticky enough to hold turns and slide while allowing for a smooth and stable ride.


32” x 9.125” x 17.75”WB
Resin-7 hard rock maple deck with neon ink graphics
6.0” Tensor alloy trucks
Globe Abec-7 bearings
 62mm 83a Polyurethane wheels

Daren Magee aka Real Fun, Wow!

Featured artwork that is beautifully complex in it’s simplicity, much like skating can feel to us. We’ve teamed up with California-based artist/designer Daren Magee aka ‘Real Fun, Wow!’ to create a range of skateboards that speak to the space between imagination and reality.

Tensor Alloy Standard Trucks

Standard trucks typically used on models less than 34″ long. These trucks are guaranteed for life.

Performance Cruiser Wheels

Globe’s high-rebound urethane formulas are abrasion resistant, smoother, faster, and provide excellent grip. Standard on every complete, Globe Abec-7 bearings spin faster and longer which means less effort and faster.