Halby’s for the Holidays!

Well, the holiday season is fast approaching and Halby’s has all your gear in Blythe, California. We know Christmas shopping can be difficult, so that is why we stock the hottest sports apparel for men and women. We have brand names like Oakley, and LRG to make anyone receiving a gift a happy camper. Yes, it may not snow in Blythe, but the holiday season spirit is definitely around.


Check back often as we will be posting up great holiday deals and specials. Although we are known for our sports apparel, including watches, sunglasses, shoes and of course shirts — we also do tuxedo rentals! Thus, if you are heading out to a big New Years Eve Bash in Las Vegas, or a New Years Eve Bash in Los Angeles, or even going cross country to a New Years Eve Bash in Washington DC, we can suit you up the right way. Bring in 2016 in style, while you sip champagne and wear an awesome fitted tuxedo from Halby’s! We even have shoes to match.


We have perfect gifts for the men in your family whether it be your brother, cousin or even father. Here are some great gift ideas:

  • An awesome watch. No real man has too many watches. Watches are an accessory that every man can appreciate. We have a large selection of watches in Blythe, California. From fancy to sports, you can find the ideal watch for your favorite guy right here. Watches go great with different color outfits, and shoes. We are quite certain that you can’t go wrong with a watch.
  • New Shoes. Similar to watches, you can never really have too many new shoes. We carry all types of brands including the latest surf and skater shoes. Imagine your loved one coming downstairs to open up a box with his favorite shoe brand.
  • Cool Hats. I think you might see a theme going on around here. What boy doesn’t need more hats? We have some of the best surf and skate brand hats, in all types of colors. On top of that, we offer custom embroidery hats, where we can embroider your own logo or name! We have made custom hats for all the local high schools here, and many other organizations. Imagine, a custom made hat as a gift. That is one gift anyone can appreciate.
  • Custom T-shirts. Want to go a step further than a custom made hat? What about a custom made t-shirt! We can make any shirt, with any type of design you want. We have a t-shirt press in house, and thus we can create pretty much anything, fast and quick. Are you buying a gift for a new father, a new uncle, or just someone with a funny nick name? Why not get that printed onto a shirt and give it as a gift. This is something they will always remember, and Halby’s can help you!
  • Sunglasses. Sunglasses in winter? Of course, we are in Sunny California for heavens sake. This gift would mean a lot to anyone as there is always a need for a good pair of sunglasses!

With those ideas, we think you can enjoy a very happy holidays, and have some awesome gear to celebrate New Years Eve in fashion. We hope to see you this holiday season. Have a great holidays and a good start to 2016!